Tired of Tires

“The tires on the truck go round and round” is not a song just being sung by kids, but our trucking industry. Over 2020 and 2021 truck drivers have worked tirelessly to stay ahead of the curve through the pandemic even when facing supply shortages. The latest topics of a shortage seem to be geared toward “Tires.” Tires are far from inexpensive and can range up to $1000 a tire on commercial tractors.

We Appreciate Our Professional Truck Drivers

Not a single day goes by without an item, product, good, medicine, food, or more that is delivered on a truck. That is exactly why it is not Truck Driver Appreciation Day, but instead, a “Week” dedicated to the men and women that move America. As such the United States of America stands during the week of September 12-18th to honor our truck drivers. We at RJS Truck Insurance are so thankful to the men and woman that serve our country every day out on the road. As such it is only appropriate that we list just a few of the many inspiring stories of how the truck industry helps us all daily.

Origin of The Semi-Truck

Semi-Trucks where do they come from? Outer space? Mars? Well maybe not that outrageous, but if we had to put a beginning on the trucks we love most we would need to start with the transportation industry. An industry founded by Henry Ford’s invention of the assembly line that created a boom in the transportation industry with affordable transportation. As the 20th century began we saw an evolution of sorts in the use of these every day vehicles and how two inventors began an era to move America with the powerful Semi-Trucks we have today.


READY, SET, RECORD….Dash Cameras Saving Drivers One Second at A Time!

A camera in the cab was hard for some of even the industries best drivers to adjust to on the road. May it feel as an invasion of privacy or a “Big Brother” mentality, perception of Dash cameras have significantly changed into a positive light in the Commercial Truck Industry.  At what first seemed to be another accessory for the truck; has become a necessity of a tool in protection of an operation.  Even what it is more amazing is that it is something almost anyone can afford to utilize in their daily operation.

Drivers Needed

America: Where Are All the Truck Drivers?

Trucking companies know this problem too well as the “Driver Shortage” has continued to make its way into one of the top issues for trucking companies in 2020. For those of us whom may be new to the truck world trucks at least at this point, don’t move without a trained profession behind the wheel. As the years have gone by fewer and fewer upcoming drivers are entering into the industry that America’s foundation depends on. A world without the constant transportation of goods is a world that is no longer moving.

Thank You Truckers


A “Truck Driver” to some can be defined as simply as a person whom drives a truck. Although at RJS Insurance Services, Inc. we think that definition does not do justice to the individuals we help on a daily basis. We know that it takes an internal drive, a professional pilot, and a passion to move America on 18 wheels. This week we solute the men and women of this country that get up each day motivated to hit the roads for the long haul. September 13-19 we celebrate National Truck Driver Appreciation Week for the constant sacrifice our Truck Drivers make for us as a Nation.


Human Trafficking – The Traffic We Don’t Always See

“Human Trafficking” is a phrase we all can find difficult to hear, but the ongoing issue continues to be ever growing in our world. The very topic itself is being brought to light in a fight to end the trafficking of men, woman and children across all industries. Especially as one particular industry, “Trucking” stands to fight this issue for the long the haul.

Tractor Trailer

What’s the limit?

Did you see the latest news on commercial Liability Limits increasing to 2 million dollars?

The amendment to see the increase of the minimum limit of liability from $750,000 to $2,000,000 has been approved through the House of Representatives. This is being called the “INVEST Act” and it is truly proving to have quite the following. More than ever we are seeing catastrophic losses that show minimum limits are not enough for the families that have experienced a loss due to a truck crash.

avoiding lane change crashes

Preventing Lane Change Crashes

Lane change crashes can often be prevented if the truck driver recognizes the hazards that increase the risk of a crash and applies the right defensive driving techniques. Read the information below then ask yourself how you can improve your driving to prevent lane change crashes.