Human Trafficking – The Traffic We Don’t Always See

“Human Trafficking” is a phrase we all can find difficult to hear, but the ongoing issue continues to be ever growing in our world. The very topic itself is being brought to light in a fight to end the trafficking of men, woman and children across all industries. Especially as one particular industry, “Trucking” stands to fight this issue for the long the haul.

Tractor Trailer

What’s the limit?

Did you see the latest news on commercial Liability Limits increasing to 2 million dollars?

The amendment to see the increase of the minimum limit of liability from $750,000 to $2,000,000 has been approved through the House of Representatives. This is being called the “INVEST Act” and it is truly proving to have quite the following. More than ever we are seeing catastrophic losses that show minimum limits are not enough for the families that have experienced a loss due to a truck crash.

avoiding lane change crashes

Preventing Lane Change Crashes

Lane change crashes can often be prevented if the truck driver recognizes the hazards that increase the risk of a crash and applies the right defensive driving techniques. Read the information below then ask yourself how you can improve your driving to prevent lane change crashes.